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Meet Doug Minter. On seeing the heights we scaled in 2017, he decided to be a part of us. He blended at once with the team and even provided us with amazing ideas for 2018.


We are one big family, and we share ideas to make us bigger and better. It doesn’t matter if you’re new on the team or not. We are all united by the same bond and passion.

Doug brought with him, the inspiration for the concept and route of Unity ride 2018. He is an asset to the unity team. A dear friend, a mentor, and a historian of African-American culture, Douglas manages the Knoxville Chambers small businesses outreach and the entrepreneurial community. This he does through the instrumentality of a program called Propel. Propel provides a one-on-one counseling and ecosystem navigation. It is basically a mentor/protégé program aimed at fostering diversity & inclusion through a group known as The Diversity Champions Resource Group.

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