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"Hello!  I’m Jonathan Williams, and I am a 45-year-old cyclist. The 2016 summer saw me cycling through 4,700 miles in 4 months. Well, you can say it is crazy, and I’ll gladly agree with you.


It was a personal challenge which was meant to get people out of their comfort zone and attaining heights they always thought they couldn’t reach. The trip took me up the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to Seattle and then over to Virginia Beach, VA. It was an astounding experience as I came across a number of interesting people who are too numerous to mention.

The Unity Ride was born in 2017 to bring awareness to the concept of bringing people of all different views and backgrounds together. We wanted to begin to break down the walls of what people expect of others based on beliefs and cultures - and unite Americans to see from "the other person's' point of view". 

Now we are on a platform where we can raise funds and awareness in 2020 to focus on bringing people together in a time where our world seemingly is focusing on what is pulling us apart.


I’m a white man with a sense of adventure and a conservative political mindset." 


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