The Mission


The Unity Ride is two guys, from different backgrounds, of different ethnicities, whose political beliefs are wildly different ... riding bicycles across the country together to promote unity. 

Jonathan and Andre want to show the world that, no matter what, no matter how great the differences seem between two people, EVERYONE can find something to agree on. 

This country was founded to promote independence -- the pursuit of happiness, the encouragement of debate, collaboration between unique individuals from different backgrounds -- and that's what Jonathan and Andre seek to promote by riding through communities and exploring history throughout the country.



Our THIRD Journey

Coast to Coast

IN 2020 we took off another cross-country bicycle journey to cover record distances and stretch from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. Experience true camaraderie that promotes unity over division, regardless of politics or race. 

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The SECOND journey

The Pursuit of Freedom

Jonathan and Andre travel along the path of the Underground Railroad. They visit places most have never seen, hear stories passed down from generation to generation, and face the realities of a past rife with conflict, fear, and tragedy. But they do it together. For unity. For brotherhood. For the future of America. Watch the trailer, full film coming soon. 
Watch the full length film here

The first journey

Exploring the Gray

"We wanted to make a film to inspire our families, to inspire our loved ones, to show why we bicycle across the country, to show where our love for bicycling across the country comes from ... now is the perfect time for us to push, to inspire, our country to unite."
Watch the full length film. 



"Within every divide there is unity. Ride with us as we film educational documentaries showcasing what was, highlighting what is, inspiring what could be."

Unity Ride Team

The Conductor



The Dream Maker

Andre Block


Lead Camera



Monty ross2.jpg
The Producer

Monty Ross

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Drone Pilot

Matt Momaney

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Justin Hazelett


James McDermott